A second DR3I

The concept of the DR3I to incorporate 3 materials into the body construction (namely titanium, steel and aluminum) resulted in a great and unique yoyo that ranges amongst our greatest creations to date. However, since the machining and fitting these parts with respect to our tight tolerances results in a very complicated and expensive process, we are currently not able to provide more DR3Is to all those who were interested. We are very sad about this and will keep on trying to find a way to machine them in sufficient numbers.

However, we tried something else in this concept area. Replacing the titanium body with machined polycarbonate. To accommodate the lesser density of PC, we increased the overall width of the body which allows for a greater curve in the cup for even easier centering during finger spins.


Diameter: 54.00mm
Width: 44.00mm
Weight: 62.70g
Response: ILYY Pads
Bearing: ILYY KMKct C-Size
Coating (Cup): CeramicBlast (stealth grey)
Material: Tri-material construction (Polycarbonate Body, Stainless Steel Rings, Aluminum Cup)
Limitation: 7


Those of you who inquired about a titanium DR3I last year will have an exclusive option to buy before anyone else. We will contact you via e-mail. Should there be some left, it will be announced here then.

Sold out. Thank you.

Nile Prototype v2

After quite some time we can finally show you the second prototype of the Nile project (v1 left, v2 right).

Left: Nile v1, right: Nile v2
Left: Nile v1, right: Nile v2

Here are the changes:

  • 0.7g heavier
  • thicker outter rim
  • 4.0mm gap
  • matt finish
  • longer horn

New specs:
Diameter: 56.00mm
Width: 44.00mm
Weight: 66.90g
Gap: 4.00mm
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK Metric
Coating: Soda Blast (Black/Gold Splash)
Material: 6062 Aluminum
Limitation: 18

A few will be available at the WLYYM13 in Weimar and later at Yo-Shop.de if there are still some left.

Enter the Nile!

We can finally show you the first prototypes of our most recent design: the Nile

ILYY Nile Prototype

Diameter: 56.00mm
Width: 44.00mm
Weight: 66.20g
Gap: 4.20mm
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK Metric
Coating: Soda Blast (Black/Gold Splash)
Material: 6062 Aluminum
Limitation: 11

There will be a total of 11 prototypes for sale. You can buy them directly from us via email for 75€ plus shipping. The remaining ones will go to international shops.

Since we have no experience with high RPM/mid-weight-focused yoyos yet, further testing and feedback is required before we decide if we keep developing this design. It plays great, but feels vastly different than what we are used to. We are not sure if it feels “right”.


We decided to take a dive into the centerweight-trend and Frank began designing a new yoyo he called Nile. Here are his notes on the design along with a first CAD render image.

As many people suggested, I’ve designed a yoyo in the modern vein. More centerweight and thus higher RPM that is. Its all about getting the right balance between spintime and RPM. So we needed to shift some weight to the center to get higher RMP value.

So, here is our first dip into high RPM yoyos.

The Nile

Diameter: 56.00mm
Width: 44.00mm
Weight: 66.20g
Gap: 4.20mm
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK metric

As you can tell, we have this typical yoyo in a yoyo design here. The inner rim area has a diameter 36.44mm the outer diameter of the inner yoyo is about 45mm. The whole rim stretches over 9.78mm. I’m not quite sure if this is enough to make a huge difference playwise. But we’ll see.

The rims have linear elements (parallel and collinear) that reduce visual tension. I was going for round lipped rims first but that way it got way too heavy. In order to maintain a small (diameter) inner yoyo, I had to cut away a part of the rim, thus it is flat now. I had difficulties getting the outer rim thin enough to shift enough weight to the center while still maintaining a good haptic. We had this issue with the fist Lynx prototype as well: it had too thin rims at the outermost point. Therefore it felt quite unpleasant and gave a cheap impression. Both rims might be useable for thumb grinds. However, this is just a design study, we have yet to try it out once it is machined.

A high wall (flat area around the response area) is more or less absent this time. That should prevent the yoyo from tilting too much if the strings are not perfectly parallel. I’m not into horizontal play, as a matter of fact, I can’t do a single horizontal style trick. But this feature should suite this playstyle well. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The profile turned out to be quite traditional, what is good for a competition yoyo, I guess. But basically it follows the inner shape (horn to rim). That’s quite a difference for me. Usually, I focus on the profile first. The inner area just arises from working out the desired weight. But this time, it’s different. The top area of the profile meets the rim in a Lio-ish kind of way. I really like that, it should result in a quite comfortable hold.

Overall, the design incorporates flat and curved surfaces, I tried to keep it as consistant as possible and threw in some linear parts here and there as you can see in the profile and from the horn to the rim.

I took some inspiration for the name from one of my favorite metal bands – Nile. I was listening to their music while designing the yoyo. The name also serves as great basis for an awesome engraving that has yet to be created. The Egyptian mythological theme will be realized by a certain coating or color way.

Prototype will be made in the next weeks. I hope to get it before the Christmas holidays.

By the way, any similarity to any existing yoyo is just coincidence. I intentionally did not look at yoyos that feature this particular style before I started designing. I wanted my design to be as unaffected by existing designs as possible. But as a matter of fact, yoyos tend to look more similar to each other than, say 2 years ago. The design features are nearly the same overall. That is especially true when it comes to a certain style of yoyos, as seen here with the centerweight/higher rpm focus.

So far…

More information will posted soon. Stay excited!

The Trvth is out there!

Dominik loves his SB2 so much, so we decided to work on a classic shape yoyo, a tribute to Tom Kuhn’s classic. We finally came up with nothing but the Trvth.

At this point, there have been two iterations. The first prototype featured an absolutely straight gap profile. But we found it very hard to play with it, cause of the tiny catch zone. So, to increase the playablity just a bit by maintaining an uncompromising design, at least by today’s standards regarding 1A yoyos, we decided to make the profile slightly wing-shaped. Actually the SB2 was slightly wing-shaped as well.
Now, for our second prototype the catch zone is like double the size of the first version. We also increased the overall diameter just a bit to give it more rim weight and spin time.

Comparison picture: Version 1 – Version 2:

The second prototype features full, state of the art engravings. As you can see, we are kind of going a metal theme here. Its a darkyoyo, which leads us to “black metal” of course. Also, you can think of the name and the term “trve metal”. The style of the engraving goes along with the heavy metal theme as well. Artwork by Clayton V.

The final release will also be candodized, just like the prototypes. The engraving is not final at this point, we might tweak it a bit here and there. As a goodie, the final version will come with a special Graou string made just for us.

We are aiming for a release during second half of 2011.

There is also a short teaser video, that features the prototype version 1:

Void: New horn

Last year we released the Void, our first low price throw. It features a basic but timeless design and performs like a full price yoyo. Its horn was intended for matador playstyle but the diameter wasn’t large enough, so it became a real challenge. This is over now. As you can see in the picture, we increased the size of the dramatically. All you matadors out there, get ready for the Void 2011!
This batch will come in two different colours (red and blue), candodized for even more popping eye candy. Shipping end of May.

New bearings!

Due to a shortage of bearings, we are using shielded bearings again for now. But don’t worry. These will come with c-clips for easy removal. They perform just as well as our classic KMKs, if not better. In fact, we’re receiving superb feedback for these.
Our most recent batches (Noctu & Falcon) were already partially equipped with these new bearings.

Pearl 2.0

Some of you might remember the pearl coating we have done some years ago, or even just the E1NS pearl, which was the most important release in association with said coating.

After two years of hard work, our anodizing shop finally found a way to further improve their patented coating. We call it Pearl 2.0 or just Pearl since it replaces the previous coating. In fact, it’s a special kind of hard anodizing which has some certain qualities to it. Quote: maximum resistance to abrasion, greatest possible sleekness, maximum hardness/toughness, much increased chemical resistance. According to the anodizing shop this particular coating surpasses similar coatings by competitors up to 30% regarding the quality of the coating features.

In the future, more yoyos from ILYY will feature the new Pearl coating. Propably not complete batches, since the coating does not look that fancy, but a small special edition run would always work. At the end Pearl 2.0 is a technical coating, the features are important, not the looks.

We have Falcons here taken from the original batch (red/titanium grey CB) which had anodization flaws. That is why we decided to get them re-coated. The original color is still visible at the area right under the bearing and around.
As you see, that previous color is still there. And since the masking was done with some kind of lacquer, the result is not 100% clean.

Besides that, the Falcons we are talking about are just samples for the new coating. That means, the halves might vary in terms of color nuances. Under a certain lighting condition, the halves might look slightly darker or a shade lighter. Its hard to get it on a photo, but I’ve tried anyway. But as just mentioned, the lighting is different on each half, so, the photo is not really representative.

Limitation: 12 pcs

We sell them for 55EUR each plus shipping. International signed for/registered airmail is 5,50EUR. Payable via paypal.
If you are interested in purchasing one from me, send raytsh an email, no PMs please. Also, include your full name and shipping address.

We set the price with the fact in mind, that the yoyos have been recoated, what is noticeable at certain areas (right under the bearing), and that the yoyos are somewhat flawed in this way. They play and perform like a normale yoyo from the original batch though.