2WEI PreProduction run #2

Our second preproduction run of the 2WEI is done and heading to YoYoExpert. The purple colour on these came out a little lighter than expected, that’s why they will drop at a discount price!

3 thoughts on “2WEI PreProduction run #2

  1. This yoyo is incredible. I picked one up today unexpectedly when I went to YYE to buy a novus box. I got the last one available, and I really like it alot. I Don’t see anything wrong with the purple either…It really looks beautiful. You guys do great work!

  2. I gotta agree with you Jason i picked one up also Beautiful Purple i dont think there is a problem with the color at all!! and the yoyo is just well… awesome! smooth as butta!

    Great Job guys!

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