ILYY and OneDrop join forces!

This has been cooking for a while now but we can finally announce the result of joined forces between OneDrop of USA and ILYY. The SE Sakura!

SE Sakura colour range

From left to right with quantities in brackets: Hair Band (25), Broken Heart (50), Light Dusk (25), Cobalt (50), Dark Dusk (25), Melon (25)

Another picture of the whole lot:


OneDrop created a brand new side effect for the SE Sakura resembling the original shape of the horn.

Exclusive SE Sakura side effects

We incorporated ace laser engraving to every yoyo.

SE Sakura laser engraving


Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 62.82g
Weight with aluminum Sakura Side Effects: 65.72g
Width: 41.25mm
Diameter: 52.00mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.34mm
Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte

They will be available from the OneDrop store on February 25th with discounted international shipping.

One thought on “ILYY and OneDrop join forces!

  1. Hello

    I recently purchased and received the last Noctu that yoyoexpert will ever sell in the US. I am so proud to own such a fine piece of art. You guys are grand. I could not find a valid email address on your site so I am using this method in the hopes that this gets to the correct person.

    Here are my questions –

    1. Do I need to lube this bearing? This thing is loud as hell and as such I thought I might need to oil this before playing on it. I read somewhere that a custom brand such as yourselves sold thier yoyo without any grease in their open bearing…this doesn’t have an open bearing so I hope I am wrong and it doesn’t need any lube.

    2. Here is the weird question from the “weird American in the back of the room” Have you all ever considered using tritium in a yoyo design? I am considering this now, having a custom lathe operator here in the US build a yoyo with tritium markers throughout the design so it would glow without needing a battery or sunlight. Tritium is illegal in the US without a license and since this is the case I have to be careful with my design. The other issue is this, I don’t know how to design a yoyo and this is where you guys come in handy….so, any thoughts on my idea? Have you all discussed anything like this before?

    Thanks for answering my one normal question and for laughing at and discussing my one off the wall question.

    Also – thank you again for making such a unique and beautiful yoyo…I love it and I love it’s name.

    Paul Troia

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