Liopleurodon video contest winner!

After a flood of entries and a lot of hard thinking and talking with our team we found a winner! Check out the winning clip!

We found this entry to be most advanced attempt. A lot of different angles, slowmos and even a little humor. So nice!

Congratulations, Miles Todaro!

Thanks to all participants, it was a hard desicion to make.

Here are all the other entries for you to enjoy:

Special PYBITs

We had a few PYBITs that had some marks on the rims. That’s why we had Sparta of Spartanik YoYos mod them a little bit for ous. This is the outcome of his awesome work:

There are eight in total. They all have some slight wobble, nothing affecting performance at all. You can get one via email for 45€ including a KMK conkave bearing. The rest will head to retailer soon (without conkave).

These are the last PYBITs, there will be no more made.

Update: All gone. Thanks!

Lio Contest

Here’s your chance to win a brand new 2012 Liopleurodon!

All you have to do is make a little yoyo video with the following conditions:

  • duration max. 1 minute
  • upload your video to YouTube
  • use our logo in the beginning and show our URL at the end (
  • music is not a must, but if you use sound, make sure it’s not copyrighted, use free music under the creative commons license and so on, but only yoyo-sounds are nice too

Skill alone won’t win you the Lio. Creativity is the most important aspect we’re looking for. That is, creativity regarding yoyo tricks, locations, recording and editing.
To submit your video, like us on Facebook and post it on our wall.
Deadline for submissions is May 13th.

Let the games begin!