2012 Liopleurodon is ready to roam!

We’re proud to announce the 2012 version of Liopleurodon. Just like the original with purple/titanium CandyBlast finish plus masked guts for longer string life. In some countries they will ship with a spare KMK conkave bearing.

Heading to shops soon!

Pad city

We are currently working on silicone pads that fit all our large bearing yoyos of the last years. We expect to get the first samples soon.

E1NS is back!

The very first E1NS prototype did some crucial things differently. Pad response and a C-sized bearing. As the prototyping and testing went along, we decided to switch to silicone response and a metric sized bearing. That worked perfectly for our entire line up. However, to this day, we receive tons of emails asking for yoyos that use a C bearing. So, there you have it:

Classic shape (more wingish than current releases) like the first final run had. Our lovely sILYYcone response and a C-sized KMK bearing. Additionally, we tweaked the rims for better IRG accessibility and a floatier play. Orange / titanium candodize to offer a unique look whilst maintaining the true E1NS look.

The yoyo you’ve all been waiting for. Arrives this spring/summer.

A small batch of b-grade preproduction “E1NS12c” will be available soon. You know, machining shops these days…