2011 forecast

Here’s a little 2011 forecast of what we’re planning to release:

Noctu 2010: got delayed a bit, but is almost ready
2WEI: we knew this day would come
Falcon 2011: tweaked and even more badass
St. Eel: maybe with a new coating
Void: reinstallment, new colours
Enigma: small bearing version
Lynx: you’ll sh*t bricks

Problem solved

After finishing the Torinos, we noticed our machining shop changed some things, that’s why they don’t come as perfect as we want an ILYY to be. The Torinos will retail for about 10EUR less because of this. We nonetheless believe, the Torinos play wonderfully.
However, we addressed and solved what was changed. Future releases aren’t affected anymore.

Additional Void information

With the release of the Void we encountered some gold halves which have small spot in the thumbgrind groove where the gold is a bit brighter.
Keep in mind these spots are only cosmetical, they don’t affect the superb playability of these Voids at all. We at ILYY set performance over looks, that’s why we decided to release them nonetheless. We want to give as many players as possible the opportunity to experince such an awesome throw!
Thanks to Richie from YYZ for the picture!


For a long time we didn’t charge extra for Candy Blast, at our costs. But since we’re doing bigger and bigger runs of yoyos, we can’t handle the costs of this special and very expensive coating any longer. That’s why we charge a little more for Candy Blasted yoyos from now on. Don’t worry, it’s not much. Those of you who know the benefits of CB will take this step without even thinking about it. So please expect our coming Candy Blast releases to retail for ~3€ more. Please notice, this only affects Candy Blast, not Candodize or Canflon.

Thanks for your understanding.


Six months ago, we started working on a new special coating for our yoyos. After serveral attempts we now think we got it right (some things still need to be perfected though).

Above you see the Lipleurodon Canflon Lime Green Edition, our first small batch sporting this new finish. Prior to applying CanFlon, all yoyos get anodized to protect the guts.

We also tried other colours (Hot Pink & Military Green):

YCCC – ILYY’s latest collectible!

A little something for the collectors of you.

An exact copy of E1NS lasered into a solid state body. How cool is that?

We plan to release an ultra limited run (yoyo tba) coming with one YCCC (yoyo centered cubic crystal – physicists will know).

For more (illuminated) impressions, check Frank’s FlickR.