Engraving test

So we decided to try out some laser engraving on our latest throw – the Noctu. This is what we came up with:

A few of these might go on sale. Keep your eyes open!


Okay, here’s a big one.

First of all, we finally finished up Sakura, which will be produced next week! Here are some shots of the preproduction model. Everything is final about this one.

Eight of these will be on sale at Yo-Shop soon.

Next one is the 2011 version of the Enigma. This time, we went for a small bearing. Colours are final, coating might switch to Candy Blast, we’ll see. Release will be in early 2011, maybe already in December 2010.

Yo-Shop will be getting five (preproduction).

And now for the big surprise: We teamed up with the guys at High Speed YoYo to bring a special coloured prerelease of the Noctu 2010 – HSYY Special Edition!

Only 15 made. Should be up there the next days.

That’s it for now, phew…

Noctu is back!

That’s right! It’s back. We felt there was still room to improve things like stability, spintime and the overall shape. This 2010 release is bigger with a refined shape (some edges are a bit softer), heavier with 4 grams extra and a lot more powerful. Candy Blast for your pleasure, masked guts for your strings!

Diameter: 55.10mm
Width: 42.70mm
Weight: 68.50g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 6×13x5mm
Coating: ILYY Candodize Silver (Pre-Pro)
Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum
Limitation: 12 (pre-pro)

Ready to go!

Final NoctusThe Noctus are finally ready to ship to retailers. Expect them in their shops soon. These will blow you away.

Noctu finally rises.

Noctu & E1NS

NoctuFinally, after ages of waiting, the Noctu batch is finally done. 120 pieces will be on retail soon. We also made another 50 E1NS, but unfortunately, our machinist used the wrong alloy which made the E1NS come out damn light. Their weight (61g) is now comparable to the first E1NS released in early 2007. They have a noticeable vibe/wobble and we would like to call it a “C-Grade”. Due to this flaw, the final retail, if we decide to sell them in general, will be as cheap as possible.

E1NSNow for the improvements: Both E1NS and Noctu now use our famous Candy Blast coating! Also, we decided to make Noctu lighter (64g). Now it’s an evil and fast beast.

Noctu got gold!

We’re happy to share this with the world: Noctu left prototyping phase and is ready for production.
This was a long way, but we finally managed to have it like we always wanted it to be – awesome. The Noctu sports a brand new coating technology offering incredible shiny colours. Pictures don’t do justice at all. The final ones will look just like these in the picture. The first batch will consist of around 100 Noctus.
We’re aiming for an early 2009 release because we also got some other stuff in the making, haha.

Darkness in Prague!

Long time no entry, but don’t worry guys, we’re up to something big.

I found a photo of Hadrien (the french 1A champion) on yoyo.cz showing off some skills in a metro station in Prague. What’s so special about this?

Hadrien with Noctu