Introducing the TiGER

In every yoyo creator’s life there comes a time when he thinks about titanium. This metal is quite different from the so commonly used aluminum alloys. It is significantly stronger thus allowing thin parts of the yoyo to be even thinner. But this strength comes at a price: the density of titanium is much greater than those aluminum alloys and the material is a lot harder to machine properly.

We’ve been thinking about making a titanium yoyo for years but never came around to actually cut to the chase. That is until now. Together with Dave Geigle of the Germany-based iYoYo we faced that task. The result is nothing less than spectacular. Enter the TiGER (Titanium GERmany).


The yoyo is loosely based on our very own Torino (profile) and the iYoYo2 (gap area). However, it is optimized for the titanium frame and is 57mm in diameter for insane inertia.


Diameter: 57.00mm
Width: 42.40mm
Weight: 66g
Response: Silicone Pads
Bearing: C-Size Cermanic KK
Material: Titanium
Limitation: tba

The yoyo is currently available for preorder at a discounted price at and will ship in October in either Gold or Raw.