The 2WEI is an oversized yoyo based on our classic the E1NS. When throwing it, you immediately feel the 2WEI’s powerful spin. It weighs in at 67g that are carefully distributed to allow for the mentioned super spin times while keeping the floatiness alive. While 67g are definitely more on the heavier side, the large dimensions of the 2WEI make good use of the mass. It does not feel chunky and slow, it feels powerful and chilled. It will put a smile on your face from the moment you land your first trapeze.


Run #356.1546.3067.0014x19x1.2CSoda BlastLush Green2807.2019
Run #256.1546.3067.0014x19x1.2CSoda BlastAzure2002.2019
Run #156.1546.3068.8015x22x2LCandyBlastPearl6508.2011
Special #156.1546.3068.8015x22x2LCandyBlastBlue15tba
PrePro #356.1546.3068.8015x22x2LCandodizePurple6tba
PrePro #256.1546.3068.8015x22x2LCandyBlastPurple/Silver908.2011
PrePro #156.1546.3068.8015x22x2LCandodizeSilver1003.2010