After some revamps and classic releases, we decided it was time for something new. However, we didn’t just want to drop a new “normal” yoyo, we went for something special and weird.

Out came the Blackbelt – a super slimline fullsize diameter bi-metal saucer.

Its large diameter paired with the thick belt offers nice beefy spintimes. The sub 30mm width gives it a unique feel and awesome pocket friendliness (you can leave your holsters at home).

Even though Blackbelt is only 28mm wide, we were able to add a proper IRG for easy thumbgrinds. Alongside with our classic ILYY hub the Blackbelt is THE perfect addition to our line-up and every collection.

The Blackbelt features the awesome 7068 aluminum alloy and the same ceramic-touch finish as the Blackout Abyss that everybody loved so much.

Blackbelt comes in an unresponsive setup with a C-size CT KMK bearing. For modern responsive play we include a slim C-size bearing as well a shorter axle to accommodate it.


Run #156286014x19x1.2CSodaBlastSilver3810.2020
Proto #156286014x19x1.2CSodaBlastSilver6unreleased