DR3I ii

The concept of the DR3I to incorporate 3 materials into the body construction (namely titanium, steel and aluminum) resulted in a great and unique yoyo that ranges amongst our greatest creations to date. However, since the machining and fitting these parts with respect to our tight tolerances results in a very complicated and expensive process, we are currently not able to provide more DR3Is to all those who were insterested. We are very sad about this and will keep on trying to find a way to machine them in sufficient numbers.

However, we tried something else in this concept area. Replacing the titanium body with machined polycarbonate. To accommodate the lesser density of PC, we increased the overall width of the body which allowes for a greater curve in the cup for even easier centering during finger spins.


Run #154.0044.0062.7015x22x2CMatte PCBlack / Grey705.2018