The E1NSTiEN is a collaboration project between Elvin of Round Spinning Objects (RSO) and ILYY. We have been in the yo-yo scene for more than a decade but this would be our first full titanium release. Thinking back, it seemed like yesterday since we met back in 2006 when we first created the E1NS!

We already had the CAD for a titanium E1NS drawn when Elvin approached us, and after minor tweaks later, it turned resulted in our first prototype. Creating the signature ILYY nipple posed great a challenge to the machinist, and tweaks to the hub and axle were required to bring the eventual design to reality.

In addition to the classic ILYY elements like the signature hub with a minimalistic and functional design, we had contributed to writing the “Cyberbrain” backstory behind the E1NSTiEN.

More information on the E1NSTiEN available at RSO.


Run #150.0040.4061.5014x19x1.2Craw (laser engraved)raw6602.2020
Proto #150.0040.4062.5014x19x1.2Crawraw311.2019