Golden Abyss

The Abyss started out as our first bi-metal yoyo in 2016 alongside the Prometheus. After the initial prototypes and the first run, we shifted our focus to the DR3I and eventually a full aluminum version – the AbysmAL. Both brought new design aspects to the general shape concept that we found to be very effective, both optically and playwise.

Bringing all these things together created the third iteration – the Golden Abyss.

Using a more rounded concave gap profile and anticone cup like the AbysmAL and the more delicate rim curves and brass rings like the DR3I, the Golden Abyss really turned out to be a revolutionary step from the original.

At 60 grams, the Golden Abyss glides through combos and lets the player relax and enjoy the easiness and smoothness. Thanks to the brass rims this does not come at the cost spin time or stability. Truly a yoyo to enjoy the time spent throwing.


Run #157436014x19x1.2CSoda BlastBlack