If we had to point at the weirdest yoyo we made to date, it would undoubtedly be the PYBIT. Its super bulky can-like shape made it stand out of the organic shapes or standard V-profile swamp of its time.

With it being so extreme and experimental, we only made a handful of these specimens. They became highly sought after by collectors. Voices pleading for a re-run became louder and louder over the years.

Right from the beginning we knew, it cannot simply be a re-run of the exact same design. We wanted something even more unusual than the original design. Keeping the maxim dialed to ‘bonkers’, we thought:

“Why not make a bimetal version, but without adding a second metal?”
– “That does not make any sense!”

Out came the Mango PYBIT!

The new PYBIT for 2021 features a bi-7068 aluminum construction with a slick black body and fruity mango gloss rings for extra mojo. In addition, we widened the catch zone to allow for easier play. For the first time, PYBIT 2021 now features the beloved ILYY-dimple horn.


Run #252.1052.7566.0014x19x1.2CSodaBlastBlack / Mango5203.2021
Special #152.0047.5067.0015x22x2LCandodizeOrange806.2012
Run #152.0047.5067.0015x22x2LCandodizeBlue1004.2011