Every now and then when I think about how we started our journey, I’m blown away by the time that has passed. We’ve been doing this for 13 years now. Wow!

We went from under- to fullsized aluminum yoyos, from pad response to sILYYcone, from monometal to bimetal and even trimetal. From soft anodization to CandyBlast, from small batches to large runs and super limited special releases.

For quite some time we sponsored a team, worldwide events, meetings and ran a large and active message board.

But one thing in particular we haven’t done until today, and that is our own full titanium yoyo. Granted, we’ve been playing with the idea for over ten years but never came around and left the idea phase. However, we knew ever since the Liopleurodon became such a massive success that our titanium efforts have to make use of the insane levels of mojo the Lio had.

Many makers use working titles for their projects and choose a fitting name after most of the design is finished. We at ILYY like to work the other way. A cool name motivates us even more to create something truly unique and amazing. The emotions while forming the idea of the yoyo and the mood we want it to express are key factors to the naming process. With this all new titanium yoyo we want to encapsulate the essence of an easy Sunday morning. A state of mind far away from stressful business, traffic jams, deadlines and any hectic pace.

Dominik has never been a coffee person, instead he enjoyed hot chocolate in those occasions. A few years back, he discovered Darjeeling, the famous black tea from India and has been hooked ever since. He especially enjoys the second flush harvest in the second half of the year which produces a more aromatic less leafy flavor. On weekends,he loves to sit down, sip his tea and enjoy the calmness and piece of these quiet two days.

We thought long and hard about a name for a titanium ILYY that expressed easiness and calmness. Many titanium yoyos are given pun-intended names that showcase their titanium construction which we always found pretty cool but we did not want it to be too bland.
And then it hit us! ILYY has never made a full titanium yoyo. But now, it’s Teatime!


Proto #155.0042.0065.3014x19x1.2CRawRaw1208.2019