Up until now, we made premium priced yoyos with premium quality. But now we thought, why not make a premium yoyo for a less premium price? Said and done. The Void was born. Simple shape, a new horn (hello matador) and superb playability. We want only the best just like you! 2011 version brings a bigger horn for easier matador handling.


Run #352.2541.1066.2015x22x2LCandodizeRed, Blue11005.2011
Special #252.2541.1066.2015x22x2LCandodizeBlack2607.2011
Special #152.2541.1067.0015x22x2LChromaGold1008.2011
Run #252.2541.1067.0015x22x2LCandyBlastBlue/Gold12006.2010
Run #152.2541.1065.0015x22x2LCandyBlastSilver4003.2010