Lio Contest

Here’s your chance to win a brand new 2012 Liopleurodon!

All you have to do is make a little yoyo video with the following conditions:

  • duration max. 1 minute
  • upload your video to YouTube
  • use our logo in the beginning and show our URL at the end (
  • music is not a must, but if you use sound, make sure it’s not copyrighted, use free music under the creative commons license and so on, but only yoyo-sounds are nice too

Skill alone won’t win you the Lio. Creativity is the most important aspect we’re looking for. That is, creativity regarding yoyo tricks, locations, recording and editing.
To submit your video, like us on Facebook and post it on our wall.
Deadline for submissions is May 13th.

Let the games begin!

14 thoughts on “Lio Contest

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  4. You can submit your entry via email and we’ll take it into consideration. We also might post it on our Facebook page as well.

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  6. There can be several players in the video. But only one player, that is, the one that submits the video, will get the yoyo.

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