More 2WEI

When we released 2WEI 2019 it was well received by the community and our small customer base. The demand exceeded our expectations and we quickly got more requests than we had yoyos available. We then decided to make another small batch. We kept the design unchanged, we only opted for a different color: a lush green.

Diameter: 56.15mm
Width: 46.30mm
Weight: 67g
Response: 19mm Pads
Bearing: ILYY KMKct C-Size
Coating: Medium Soda Blast, Anodized Green
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Limitation: 28

We based the size for the second batch on the requests we’ve got and we made a total of 28 yoyos. But, as it often happens, not all people on our waiting list came back to us. This is always a difficult situation for us since we usually have to sell a given batch completely to cover our costs. The good news is, that we talked to YYE and they were happy to help us out. Hence, a hand full of yoyos will be available there soon.

It is likely that we will use this opportunity in the future again, if we find us in a similar situation. 
That said, we want to keep our current business model for the time being and make small, exclusive batches that we sell directly to players. Though, having the opportunity to work with YYE could provide more options and security for us later down the line. Eventually this could also help us to make larger batches and thus reducing the price per yoyo.

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