After successfully reviving some of our older designs we felt it was time to unleash something new and fresh for the ILYY line-up. Going through our models we realized there was no full-sized, medium width entry.

Full-size yoyos with a slimmer profile below 40mm always feel special when throwing them around. They ooze some kind of easiness and relaxing energy that wider yoyos usually lack.

The new yoyo is finally ready: Krapfen

It is named after a beloved German pastry, a jelly-donut without a center hole. Why? Simply because everyone who tried a Krapfen falls in love with it.

For our entry into this range we wanted something very ILYY-like that encapsulates our design language and philosophy in terms of playing style and understatement. We thus went with a very comfortable organic shape that inherits some of the Lio’s mojo but adds its own aesthetic style. We also decided this new yoyo should have a fade anodization, never seen before on an ILYY, but with grace and class. The Krapfen combines a fresh design with known and loved ILYY-aesthetics.

Weight was kept fairly low for the Krapfen at 62g due to the more compact design. It feels just right when throwing. With its beefy rims and carefully placed mass, the Krapfen is a great performer with plenty of spin time and power while still keeping the great feeling of easiness alive. We noticed a surprising effect when giving the Krapfen a few hours of undivided attention. It feels like becoming a standard issue of a yoyo. Something that would sit in an institute of standards. A yoyo that is used to compare bearings, pads etc.

Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 38 mm
Gap: 4 mm
Weight: 62 g
Bearing: C-Size
Response: 19 mm pad
Alloy: AL 7068-T6
Limitation: 39

We updated our branding of yoyos and moved the laser engraving from beneath the pads into the bearing groove. That way it is easier to see and identify a yoyo and production year.

We are selling these now for 80 EUR plus shipping (5.49 EUR DE /12.33 EUR US). The shipping method we used for other locations than DE and US has been discontinued. The shipping rate varies depending on the destination. Please get in touch to receive a precise quote for the current shipping costs. We are looking into alternative shipping methods with a fixed price.

Please note that shipping will take longer than usual, especially to the US. We assure you that we are trying to ship as quickly as possible.

You can get one now by sending us an email with an order request with your shipping address and telephone number (the latter is only required for US shipments). Please let us know if you want to use a different e-mail address for PayPal. We will then get back to you with a payment request.

Sold out.