We might be BIASed

When Hspin released The Cut back in the day, we decided to give the “curveless” design idea a spin with the BIAS in 2017. A small batch of 20 prototypes was produced and sold out quickly. The BIAS was praised for its stability and unique appearance.

Now in 2023 we give it another spin, with a completely re-designed shape and overall improvements. The entire contour features increasingly larger facets resulting in a beautiful shape that shines under the glossy bright anodization.

Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 43 mm
Gap: 4 mm
Weight: 65 g
Bearing: C-Size
Response: 19 mm pad
Alloy: 7068-T6
Limitation: 42

We are selling these now for 80 EUR plus shipping (5.49 EUR DE /12.95 EUR USA). The shipping rate for other locations than DE and USA varies. Please get in touch to receive a precise quote for the current shipping costs.

Please note that shipping will take longer than usual, especially to the US. We assure you that we are trying to ship as quickly as possible.

You can get one now by sending us an email with an order request with your shipping address and telephone number (the latter is only required for US shipments). Please let us know if you want to use a different e-mail address for PayPal. We will then get back to you with a payment request.

It usually takes us several days to reply and process order requests. Regularly, we only take care of order requests on weekends. Please be patient.


Being a brand founded over ten years ago, our urge for nostalgia is a strong pillar of our doing. We cured these itches with our renditions of the AnY Air Rider and the SPYY Radian (Thunder & Lightning). Another great yoyo of the past was The Cut by hspin. It featured a radical design twist where only linear contours were used to create the overall shape. We still love this idea to this day so we thought ‘why not make a fun yoyo with this concept’. Said and done.

We give you the 3145 (BIAS) – a mid-sized, lightweight yoyo with lots of edges. No fancy weight rings, grooves, cups, splashes etc. Just a fun throw for some quality time.

Here’s a CAD image of the profile. All straight lines, no curves aside from deburring radii. :)

Diameter: 54.00mm
Width: 43.00mm
Weight: 63.30g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMKg C-Size
Coating: Candodize (silver grey)
Material: AlMGSi1
Limitation: 20

We have 18 pieces available for purchase right now for 65€ a piece. There will not a be a second batch, this is a one time project. Shipping will be around end of next week.Order via email: info (at) ilyy (dot) de

Sold out.