E1NS Pearl on YoYoNation.com

Yesterday, E1NS Pearl was put online on YoYoNation and once again the servers crashed due to immense traffic. Insane!

E1NS Pearl

One thing I’d like to mention: These are not a new batch, just some stock remainers on which we put a new coating.

For more information about Pearl check the yoyo pages.


Rick made a fantastic picture using his special all orange E1NS and a ILY-T-Shirt. Really cool, mate!



One minute after E1NS was set available on YoYoNation the server couldn’t handle the insanely high traffic and just collapsed. Wow!

34 E1NS were gone after only 15 minutes!

Thanks so much for your support.

We love you all,
crackout & Rage


After a long seesaw we finally made it!

batch.jpg batch2.jpg

About 35 will be shipped to YoYoNation next week after we siliconed and tried every single one of them.

Edit: Rage did an awsome job! Check out (t)his silicone madness!


Of course, this isn’t the final appearance, because there’s a lot overspill of silicone which will be removed as soon as it dried.


Hey guys…

58 E1NS finally left the machining process and are on their way to our anodizer right now. Yay!
Why only 58? Well, we want E1NS to be what “high-end” stands for – really really good. That’s why we set up low tolerance standards to guarantee such a high quality.

01.jpg 02.jpg

They should be ready to ship within the next three weeks. Prepare yourself!

Oh look! A rainbow!

Okay we got our colour samples today and we’re totally happy with the result.



Final E1NS will be orange/black!

Final E1NS

Watch out for the bomb.