E1NS Hagebutte

It’s been over ten years since we released the last run of the infamous E1NS. Time to change this!
2021 brings the E1NS in a new beautiful colorway we call Hagebutte (German for rosehip). The design heavily bases on the OG E1NS from 2007, unarguably the best version of them all.

Diameter: 49.80mm
Width: 40.35mm
Gap: 4mm
Weight: 61.5g
Bearing: C-Size
Response: 19mm pad
Limitation: 63

For the first time, these sold out immediately after we announced them via our mailing list. There will be more E1NS coming this year.

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The E1NSTiEN is a collaboration project between Elvin of Round Spinning Objects (RSO) and ILYY. We have been in the yo-yo scene for more than a decade but this would be our first fully featured titanium release. Thinking back, it seemed like yesterday since we met back in 2006 when we first created the E1NS!

We already had the CAD for a titanium E1NS drawn when Elvin approached us, and after minor tweaks later, it resulted in our first prototype. Creating the signature ILYY hub posed great a challenge to the machinist, and tweaks to the hub and axle were required to bring the eventual design to reality. But by combining our forces we managed to succeed and improve upon the first prototype to bring you the final E1NSTiEN.

In addition to the classic ILYY elements like the signature hub with a minimalistic and functional design, we had contributed to writing the “Cyberbrain” backstory behind the E1NSTiEN.

Diameter: 50.0mm
Width: 40.4mm
Gap: 4.0mm
Weight: 61.5g
Bearing: C-Size
Response: 19mm pad, RSO’s Type 40 magenta LANDING PADS
Limitation: 67

More information on the E1NSTiEN and it’s story available at RSO.
To pre-order your E1NSTiEN, send a reservation to RSO.

E1NS is back!

The very first E1NS prototype did some crucial things differently. Pad response and a C-sized bearing. As the prototyping and testing went along, we decided to switch to silicone response and a metric sized bearing. That worked perfectly for our entire line up. However, to this day, we receive tons of emails asking for yoyos that use a C bearing. So, there you have it:

Classic shape (more wingish than current releases) like the first final run had. Our lovely sILYYcone response and a C-sized KMK bearing. Additionally, we tweaked the rims for better IRG accessibility and a floatier play. Orange / titanium candodize to offer a unique look whilst maintaining the true E1NS look.

The yoyo you’ve all been waiting for. Arrives this spring/summer.

A small batch of b-grade preproduction “E1NS12c” will be available soon. You know, machining shops these days…

E1NS is back!

2006, raytsh and I had an idea. A small super smooth, well gaped yoyo. E1NS was born. And now it’s back, better than ever. Redesigned from scratch, Candodize finish, brutus rims and a whole bag of awesomeness. Shipping soon!

New meat!

We’re proud to announce our latest creations. Liopleurodon and Falcon. Both full sized and incredibly good.

Also, our classic yoyo got an update: the brand new E1NS09!

Check the yoyo information pages for specs and more pics.

Noctu & E1NS

NoctuFinally, after ages of waiting, the Noctu batch is finally done. 120 pieces will be on retail soon. We also made another 50 E1NS, but unfortunately, our machinist used the wrong alloy which made the E1NS come out damn light. Their weight (61g) is now comparable to the first E1NS released in early 2007. They have a noticeable vibe/wobble and we would like to call it a “C-Grade”. Due to this flaw, the final retail, if we decide to sell them in general, will be as cheap as possible.

E1NSNow for the improvements: Both E1NS and Noctu now use our famous Candy Blast coating! Also, we decided to make Noctu lighter (64g). Now it’s an evil and fast beast.

Back in the ring!

Ladies and gentlemen,

E1NS is back! For now exclusive to our german community. Better than ever. This redesigned version features more weight, brighter colours and an immense amount of extra smoothness. Try it to believe it.

E1NS Pearl on YoYoNation.com

Yesterday, E1NS Pearl was put online on YoYoNation and once again the servers crashed due to immense traffic. Insane!

E1NS Pearl

One thing I’d like to mention: These are not a new batch, just some stock remainers on which we put a new coating.

For more information about Pearl check the yoyo pages.