New releases!

It’s been a while. But that time was well spent. Check out the 2012 versions of the Fury and the Enigma!


This 2012 variant is 3g lighter than the original which gives it a lot more floaty goodness. Stability is not affected. This thing flies like on rails. Oh, and it’s limited. Crazy limited. Only 15 made, exclusively for YoYoExpert.


Also featuring our new IRG design, the brand new 2012 Enigma. A total of 25.

Available soon at YYE, YYSR and Yo-Shop!

The Fury

The Fury – our first no compromise in your face h-shaped throw.

Diameter: 56.00mm
Width: 43.00mm
Weight: 66.50g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 6×13x5mm
Coating: ILYY Candodize Silver (Pre-Pro)
Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum
Limitation: 20 (pre-pro)

These are the final specs, however the finish has not been decided decided yet. These preproduction models will go on sale at Yo-Shop and YoYoZ within the next days.