Christmas Eels!

Christmas Saint Eel ILYY Saint Eel
We decided to go for a final batch of Saint Eels for this Christmas. This time, they are finished by vibratory grinding in two steps. The first being ceramic pellets followed by wallnut shells. This gives the outside of the halves a smooth polish-like appearance while the inside keeps its machining looks. The specs are the same as those of the last batch.

Around 30 were made. These will be the last Eels to slither out of our shack. If you want the reigning micro-yoyo king, keep your eyes open. Those will ship soon to retailers.

Saint Eel 2011 done!

Final 2011 Eels will be finished and shipped to selected retailers next week. These feature a slightly satined finish to further improve grinding abilities. Also, we made room for a 2mm longer axle which provides stability and strength.

Saint Eel done

Finally, the Eels are ready to flood the world!

On the left: Prototype #3, on the right: final version

Diameter: 42.10mm
Width: 310mm
Weight: 61.50g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 5√ó11x5mm
Coating: Electro-Polish, slight satin
Material: 303 AISI Steel
Limitation: 110

Expect these soon at our retailers!