A solid yoyo

From the first second I threw our DR3I titanium prototype I fell in love with its dimensions. The slightly undersized diameter combined with the slim profile and light weight is such a nice combination. It feels sturdy, reliable and isn’t prone to tilt, it just feels solid. This inspired us to delve deeper into this and create a yoyo which oozes these values. What is more down-to-earth than a good ol’ mono-metal aluminum yoyo?

No fancy shape experiments – just a robust and slick organic shape. No dimples, plateaus, grooves, lips – Just material where it’s needed. No super short axles that get lost in the infinity of space time. No special bearing or pad sizes, the industry standard shall do. No matter where you live, you can get bearings, axles and pads that fit in case you need them. No splash, dots, spray, sparkle, wash, fade with rainbow colours – Straight up grey.

This is our new yoyo: Solid.
It doesn’t fuck around.

Diameter: 53.7mm
Width: 37.9mm
Weight: 62.6g
Response: 19mm Pads
Bearing: ILYY KMKct C-Size
Coating: CeramicBlast (Stealth Grey)
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Limitation: 20

We have 15 pieces available for purchase.
Contact us at info at info@ilyy.de to grab yours.

Sold out. Thanks all!