Noctu news and some other stuff

Heya folks,

we have some sad things to say about our Noctu project. Unfortunately the final prototype still wasn’t good enough for us to be released to you guys. So it will take some more time until the finished product is going to retail. We’re really sorry to say this.

But, we already thought about this project to take such a long time and therefore parallely developed two other yoyos which are ready to get produced!

So many people have their own signature yoyos and that’s why we tought about making our own. We’re extremely bad players. That being said, Rage and I independently designed our dream yoyo and had them turned. You want to know why? Because we can do it, ha!
The results are absolutely stunning.

ILYY MaryFirst, we have Rage’s baby: Mary

Rage absolutely loves powerfull, classic shaped yoyos. That’s why he came up with a real old schoolish shape and monster rims. They’ll blow you away! Btw, based on the high level of inovation, M.A.R.Y. stands in a self ironic way for: “Most Anticipated Rudimentary Yoyo”.

ILYY WasabiThen comes my creation: Wasabi

As you might know, I’m a lover of small, light and fast yoyos. That’s pretty much what Wasabi is all about. A small and deadly fast player.

You can view more pictues in our gallary, that can be found here.

More information to come.
Thanks for your interest!