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we opened up an account at Twitter. Compact news will be posted there from now on. Big flashes will still show up here!
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Also, the yoyo info pages are down for the moment. They will come back with a full chronological structure featuring all yoyos we ever made.


ILYY StickersA lot of people asked us for stickers and now we finally can porvide some.
Finest quality (ten years of colour waranty) 12×7.36cm stickers made in Germany. Available at future meetings and of course with future yoyos.

2009 Wasabi & Mary, all new Rocket

Hey there,

it’s been a while since the last update from us. But we’re back with fresh new stuff. First of all, we updated Wasabi and Mary giving them more smoothness, more power, more weight (check the specs later on). Also, we developed an all new yoyo called Rocket.
However, since it was April Fools Day, our anodzier thought “why not mix some colours”. The result: Mary is Green, Wasabi is Pearl and Rocket is Red. These colours only affect the pre-production models. The final ones will be: Wasabi: Candy Green, Mary: Candy Red, Rocket: Candy Pearl.

Pics say more than words, here you go.

3408546171_423cbd5332 3409360194_ae1784a095

3408563227_a79bf0be54 3408562071_db7cc13953

Weight: 63.60g
Width: 40.02mm
Diameter: 50.30mm
Gap: 4.30mm
Response: sILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK

3409363222_312dabfdb2 3409366240_a7437da458

Weight: 68g
Width: 38.40mm
Diameter: 52.06mm
Gap: 4.1mm
Response: sILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK
Special Feature: Schmoove-ring with permission of Doc Pop

3409367468_a670d196fd 3409370160_2e4391df19

Weight: 65.55g
Width: 38.25mm
Diameter: 52.50mm
Gap: 4.3mm
Response: sILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK

Oh, and a profile view:


Ready to go!

Final NoctusThe Noctus are finally ready to ship to retailers. Expect them in their shops soon. These will blow you away.

Noctu finally rises.

Noctu & E1NS

NoctuFinally, after ages of waiting, the Noctu batch is finally done. 120 pieces will be on retail soon. We also made another 50 E1NS, but unfortunately, our machinist used the wrong alloy which made the E1NS come out damn light. Their weight (61g) is now comparable to the first E1NS released in early 2007. They have a noticeable vibe/wobble and we would like to call it a “C-Grade”. Due to this flaw, the final retail, if we decide to sell them in general, will be as cheap as possible.

E1NSNow for the improvements: Both E1NS and Noctu now use our famous Candy Blast coating! Also, we decided to make Noctu lighter (64g). Now it’s an evil and fast beast.


ILYY Josy-Ann PrototypeHere it is: our latest baby – Josy-Ann
Named after our girlfriends, this yoyo is by far the best we have come up with until today. Sporting our eyecatching Candy Blast Coating in some new fruity colours!
Final specs will be announced once the run is done, these are still prototypes. But it’s 58mm in diameter. And it’s stable. Damn stable.

ILYY Josy-Ann PrototypeRelease will be in the second quarter of 2009. You know, Noctu’s the next to release.

Back in the ring!

Ladies and gentlemen,

E1NS is back! For now exclusive to our german community. Better than ever. This redesigned version features more weight, brighter colours and an immense amount of extra smoothness. Try it to believe it.

Noctu got gold!

We’re happy to share this with the world: Noctu left prototyping phase and is ready for production.
This was a long way, but we finally managed to have it like we always wanted it to be – awesome. The Noctu sports a brand new coating technology offering incredible shiny colours. Pictures don’t do justice at all. The final ones will look just like these in the picture. The first batch will consist of around 100 Noctus.
We’re aiming for an early 2009 release because we also got some other stuff in the making, haha.